Friday, January 30, 2009


these are some of my first attempts at scrapbooking when i started about three years ago. my style has changed since then and has become more eclectic, trendy, adventurous, and more well-thought of in terms of design elements. will post more recent lay-outs soon.

pic 1 & 2: mike when he was a baby. he was a happy, beautiful baby. you should see him now! mike in kindergarten with his 8th grade buddy and classmate. those were memorable years. i was their school principal and we spent a lot of time going to school and leaving school together.

pic 3: cj's first time in disneyland. he was dancing with pluto. he loved disneyland and didn't want to leave.

pic 4: one of the joys of being an educator is seeing your former students grow up to be successful people. brent, a former 8th grade student, is here with leah on their engagement party. brent can't stop calling me mrs. walker, even if he's all grown-up! kinda embarrassing sometimes but i guess i'll always be mrs. walker, their strict but caring 8th grade teach.
pic 5: fashion show fundraiser for the boys in junior high. i choreographed the best entry of the day!

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