Friday, July 27, 2007

Altered Art Passion: Cherry and Vines Lunchbox Ensemble

i've recently discovered the joy of altered art and i'm addicted to it now! i got some chipboards, paper mache's, wooden boxes, etc. to alter. i like expanding my repertoire of skills pertinent to paper crafts. here are some stuff i recently made. what do you think?

this is my cheery and sunny cherry ensemble. dh and i were grocery shopping at wholefoods one day (love this healthy store - but prices are incredibly prohibitive!) and bought tons of cherries which is one of my fave fruits. he bought me some fresh flowers also. what a nice dh, huh? i went home and made a fruit and flower arrangement. flowers, fruits, paper, art, bright colors always have a way of perking me up when i'm feeling blue which has been annoyingly quite often. i was inspired by my cherries and daisies arrangement to do an altered art using a tin lunchbox. i had extra scraps and being the frugal cropper, i then did some matching cards and tags.

i got good compliments from fellow scrappers and they also asked me some tips on how i "perfectly" cover my altered projects and what's the best adhesive to use. my answer was i approximate the length of the paper i need to cut then just start trimming edges off until i get the bext alignment. i also discovered using acrylic paints for the hard to reach places. i kept the front plain b/c i was lazy to cut around the edges of the metal clips (usually "professionals" unscrew the metal tags but that's too much work. i use pointed q-tips to help me navigate through the tricky nooks and crannies parts. the ribbon around is really a trick to mask smudges.

i'm really picky with craftsmanship so i rework areas until they look near perfect. the adhesive i like to use is glue stick., it's cheaper, lasts longer and can fill in hard to reach spaces. also, have a bone folder handy. the pointed side is good to "tuck in" the edges and the flat side helps me smooth out the air bubbles. the paper is from chatterbox's scrap walls, mistletoe vine. i also used some matching cherry stickers set from creative imaginations which go well with this line.

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