Friday, July 27, 2007

Altered Art: Floral and Stripes Memory Box Ensemble

This is a wooden box with handle that I altered. I originally made one for a swap hosted by a friend, but I missed that box so i made another one when when my friend and i hooked up to scrap. I got inspired some more after she left, so I made additional wooden gift bag, cards, bookmarks, and tags from scraps. I don't like throwing scraps aways. It's amazing what you can do with scraps!

Question from a fellow scraper: Did this take only 15 minutes also to make?

Answer: No, not 15 minutes! In between the chats with my friend, it took longer. If i focus, I can do the outside design in 30 minutes. the tags, i can do in 5 minutes or less. I pretty much have some standard lay-outs in my brain so i just recycle the lay-outs. The wooden purse/gift bag is so small and really easy to do in 15 - 30 minutes. don't try to cover or paint the inside - it takes too long! cards sometimes take longer, depending on how complicated Iwant the design to be. Also, there's more design surface on it. so maybe 30 minutes also. It all depends on my mood. if I'm in a rut, I redo things several times and that can take hours!

Materials: Daisy D's Purple and Floral Stripes Memory. Wooden Boxes from Michaels, Doodlebug alpha stickers

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